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Advertising Violence (2011):

Advertising Violence Front

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Reviews concerning 'Made in Hell':

...Tight played Old School-Thrash with luscious harmonies, ass-tight riffs and a biting entire style of play - what do you need more? [...] Good Job!
8 Points Heavy (Issue 133 03+04/11)

...these guys have audible the knife between their teeth and are hungry [..] What's wrong with checking out Reflection? Right, nothing - DO IT!!!
Break Out (Issue 02/03/04 2001)

...Alongside an authentic production the eleven tracks convince by diversified vocals and also the children-choir on 'Bury You' is a welcome variation.
7 Points Rock Hard (Issue 286/03-2011)

...Here is offered fucking great old school Thrash, which crashes the ears. These songs are right in the kisser, powerful produced on top and fronter Markus Radola, sounding like a mixture of Tom Angelripper and Gerre, freshens the songs with a fucking great organ. [...] These eleven tracks got it all and especially on 'Flesh and Bones', 'Apocalyptic Chaos' and the opener 'Sparks of Life', the hair-rotation-machine will have hard work. [...] All in all the album of the Lünener Thrasher is a real gem...

...REFLECTION play these absolutely great songs with lots of fire in the ass, sometimes reminding of DEATH ANGEL, very often of TESTAMENT, a bit of VIO-LENCE, you could enumerate the whole San Francisco squad about 1985. The guys from Lünen bash out their songs very forceful, with a power that would fit perfectly in the heyday of Thrash. Above all, the diversified guitar-playing convinces [...] Oldschool-Thrasher should take a look at REFLECTION ever since now...

...Despite of the heavy Thrash/Speed-Basis, the adding of classic influences (old Iced Earth on "Rip and Slash") and diversified songwriting this is one of those albums, which I can describe just with one word - METAL! That's headbanging stuff for wicked, exceeding the expectations of the 2004er debut "Made in hell". [...] Definitly the top surprise of the month!

...The killer-earworm 'Flesh and bones' acts on an energy-level, which easily meets the standard of the Gods DEATH ANGEL, while the groover "Apocalyptic Chaos" reminds of TESTAMENTs work. [...] Despite of all the similarities these guys have created an own great and autonomous style...

The westphalian Thrash-Express has steam on the boiler again! [...] The riffs fit tailor-made [...] Powerfully beating but still harmonic headbangers like 'Rise' or the energetic wrecking balls 'Bury You' and 'Value For Warfare' reminds at times of KREATOR at grandious "Coma Of Souls"-times. Beside of the overwhelming Old-School-Attitude 'Advertising Violence' is boring at no time. The variation and out-of-the-box-style is ever-present. [...] a really superb album...

01. Sparks of life 4:27 min.
02. Rip and slash 4:20 min.
03. Rise 4:08 min.
04. Bury you 4:30 min.
05. Collecting memories 6:00 min.
06. Flesh and bones 2:24 min.
07. No way back 3:49 min.
08. Apocalyptic chaos 4:25 min.
09. Value for warfare 4:35 min.
10. Perplexity (Instrumental) 4:18 min.
11. The last relief 4:46 min.
Total playing time 47:42 min.


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