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Made in Hell (2004):

Made in Hell Front
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Reviews concerning 'Made in Hell':

...Old School German Thrash at its best. Transported perfectly into the new millennium, these guys could be easily positioned on one level with DESTRUCTION, KREATOR and Co. Eleven compromiseless Bang-Grenades will make heads bleed! [...] I'm impressed - Respect Sirs. [...] one of the best German Thrash-Newcomers at the moment [...] Kick Ass!
10 Points Heavy oder was (Issue 77/05-2004)

...When Bang-Grenades like 'The Elder's Lore' or the titletrack blow your speakers you believe you are transported back to the end of the eighties. These guys definitely knew how to compose ultra-heavy riffings and really great songs [...] Something for gourmets. Gimme me more! Fast!!
7.5 Points Rock Hard (Issue 207/08-2004)

...eleven terrific Thrash-Grenades, that belong to the best what could be heard from this genre for a very long time. On this CD one killer chases another [...] very complex and on highest musical level. [...] Thrash Metal as it couldn't be better! The best Thrash Album since.... well, since ages!

...and really blew me away from the first 'til the last minute. [...] countless highlights [...], that would have fit very well on one or another Classic-Album of german Thrash-Metal-History. [...] one of the best that german underground-thrash has to offer these days...

...offer an awesome portion of finest Thrash-Metal on a very highly musical level. [...] most heavy groove to furious guitar play...

...Very good produced and technically experienced [...] You can speak of a quite successful release. Particularly if you want to bang your brain out of your head.

'Made in Hell' offers fine, well produced Thrash-Metal, that is fun from the beginning to the end and should be exactly the correct thing for fans of Destruction, Kreator or the old albums of Metallica. But even outside the 'Thrash-Metal-Scene' they may collect credits because the songs are full of ideas. Hat off for this great debut!

...REFLECTION just kill. [...] fire with an unbelievable might out of the speakers and combine nearly perfect musical requirement (pay attention to the complexity and melodies) with compromiseless heavyness and aggression...

...They are a totally thrash metal band with a great frontman [...] Their piece of art reveals their level of their musical skills. [...] They fuckin' kill! [...] Find it and buy it...

...fucking great thrash of german school [...] interspersed the songs again and again with progressive elements and influences of diverse metal styles [...] an interesting album full of variations, that does not has to hide behind the big ones of the scene...

...A true Thrash-Metal-Bomb! [...] This album is more than interesting. [...] Just fucking great music...

Translated from Russian by Andrew Andruschenko:
After the 2001 demo 'Blind Rage' the band did giant steps forward as musicians and composers. Their thrash on this demo became more aggressive. If the first song ('Everlasting conflict') is typical for modern thrash metal, the other two 'Made in Hell' and 'One step to nowhere' are the greatest!! Powerful rhythm, cool solos and hard voice. I was enraptured. This demo reminds me of Artillery's 'Back'. It's a pity, that this is only the promotional copy with 14 min. playing time. But I recommend it to all fans of old-school thrash metal...
Front-Cover of the Russian Metal-Magazine 'Terroraiser'

1. Elder's lore 4:04 min.
2. Nightshift 5:08 min.
3. Made in Hell 4:08 min.
4. The Overfiend 3:38 min.
5. Badmosphere 4:04 min.
6. The Journey 5:57 min.
7. Everlasting conflict 4:33 min.
8. Prophets of Evil 2:38 min.
9. Bloody Visions 4:44 min.
10. Welcome madness 4:17 min.
11. One step to nowhere 5:31 min.
Total playing time 48:32 min.


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